Review in Orbis 107,      

Winter 1997, by Rupert Loydell.

Orbis, 24 Valley View, Primrose, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear, NE32 5QT, England
is edited by Mike Shields
Rupert Loydell is a poet and publisher of  Stride Magazine and Stride Books.
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This wider perspective, coupled with a more exploratory approach to writing, clearly informed by a knowledge of contemporary poetics, is on show in the work of Maurice Scully and Randolph Healy who have a number of beautifully designed and printed pamphlets out from the Wild Honey Press (Wicklow, Ireland). In Arbor Vitae, a long poem, Healy explores all the meanings of the title phrase through collage, juxtaposition and meditation . In the twelve poems in Rana Rana! he is less elusive, but at times still present in the process writing as it arrives on the page. By no means cutting edge or
avant-garde this poetry nevertheless shows an invigorating and expressive talent at work. Scully’s writing in his three pamphlets Postlude, Prelude and Interlude (all parts of longer works) makes the reader work harder, as it is often fragmented and imagistic in approach, quoting and juxtaposing language and meaning in a variety of ways, and via a number of digressions and twisting routes. It’s invigorating, challenging and enjoyable stuff as it takes the reader hopping, skipping and stumbling down the page. ‘Suddenness of/ the end of / things’ starts one poem; this seems a good place to stop.