Review of The Richard Nixon Snow Globe by Noah Eli Gordon.

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The only melting present in Rachel Loden's The Richard Nixon Snow Globe
(Wild Honey Press $5) is that of parody into satire: poems by Rilke, Eliot,
Duncan, Desnos, and others are twisted into templates upon which Tricky
Dick, John Wayne, Rumsfeld, G. Dubya, and other historical, political, and
cultural figures make a warts-and-all appearance. The tremendous range of
speakers and subjects burlesquing through these poems allow for surprise as a
joyful given. Although witty, playful, and humorous, Loden's ventriloquism
is far from 'light verse'; rather, she shows how shaking things up a bit can
be both pleasurable and poignant.

Noah Eli Gordon, Rain Taxi Review of Books, Vol. 11 No. 2, Summer 2006

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