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   Cover of Trevor Joyce's CD
                                   ISBN 1 903090 30 X  


Cover Illustration by Tim Savas of MIT using a Zeiss scanning electron microscope. The micrograph shows an array of 50 nm wide posts with a periodicity of 100 nm.
The text of these poems, and more, can be found in the book with the first dream of fire they hunt the cold published by New Writers Press / Shearsman,
ISBN 0 907562 29 9

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1. The Fishers Fished
2. Without Asylum  
3. Approach of Bodies Falling in Time of Plague
4. Syzygy: The Drift
5.              The Net   
6. Hopeful Monsters:
                Phases of the eye agitated through wings 
7.             Damaged, we bleed time
8.             Scene preserved with light crazing
9. Cry Help
10. Chimaera

Total playing time: 42'25" 

red noise of bones is co-produced by Wild Honey Press 
16a Ballyman Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, 
and Coelacanth, 53 Dollymount Park, Dublin 3, Ireland. 
Recorded at the Dublin City University, September 1998 
Sound Engineer: Gráinne O'Grady  
Post production and editing: Randolph Healy

Thanks to Martin Molony of DCU.

Click here to hear The Fishers Fished.

Click here for information on Trevor's book, with the first dream of fire they hunt the cold, A Body of Work 1966/2000