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9.5 cm x 23 cm, 20 pages, 250 gsm white Strata card cover,  sewn with azure twist. 

The cover of each book uses an off-cut of fabric which has been tie-dyed by Louise Mac Mahon. Every one is different.

ISBN 1 90309027 X 

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William Marsh runs Paper Brain Press and is one of the three architects behind Factory School

A biographical note can be found at the Comprepoetica website.

See below for two extracts from Recycler's Handbook.



from Recycler's Handbook


"Now at last that process of
miraculous verisimilitude..."

This is the story of things
in their places an argument
to be properly used
must reclaim a lost
property uppermost
branch & still wings
of a fluttering
heard in memory.
A story of places
without things, the argument
of settlement to which the land
I write on is indebted
no more stories
in their proper places
reclaim us in their worded

the trees in this neighborhood
nourished on

reclaimed water

"One by one objects are defined "

a wintering project
out of some disaster
of sound & meaning

a probable
ethics, touching
the eyes at their corners

mutations from original

mutable as
dew drops

the unflagging
intensity of
fire works

languid g's
novel t's
agent c's

& then a pressed
until re-pressed

a kind of
renewal in the newest

point 'a' to
point 'b' &
back again

a healthy snow-cover
nursing the road's