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14x21 cm, 25 pages, 250 gsm white Strata cover, green endpapers, sewn with green twist. 

ISBN 1 903090 35 0

The cover illustration "Cross of Green Hollow", photographer Hannah Naomi. Medium: Digitally enhanced Cibachrome print.. 

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This book can be seen this book as a partial sampler of lyric modes. The subtitle "elegies, allegiances, thefts" sums up the contents: a variety of ways of responding to others' texts.

…still songs…[April 20 1970] [April 21 2000]
Ode: B MacSweeney [1948-2000]
October Memoriam: J.T. 1938-76.
Little Elegy For JR - 21 Years On
Hoolihan’s Trip.
Airs & Gracenotes .
Improvised readings in the key of kind.
Poem: Residual Of An Epistle (Unwritten) To Peter Riley. O-Mage.
First universary poem 9999 to 9900
Hard Questions: A Vancouver Cento For D.R
In The Bar, Zoom - Raptly.
Cordial Scorpions
Foundling: in an e-mail from Jorge Fondebrider, a poet of the Argentine
he romes


See below for a biographical note and a poem from cross of green hollow

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Biographical Note

Pete Smith was born in Coventry, 1947, & lived through "cars go boom: boom goes bust" era. Educated at Coventry, Watford, Exeter & Kamloops public libraries. Emigrated to Western Canada in 1974 where he has lived as an ex-non-pat ever since. Works as a psychiatric nurse in the community. Has published 20/20 Vision (WHP, 1998); John's Book of Alleged Dances (kpf, 2000); Harm's Length (Poetical Histories, 2001); CLIV & Second Horace (on-line at Alterran Poetry assemblage & Great Works web-sites, 2001); and miscellaneous reviews in The Gig & elsewhere.


from cross of green hollow


            On the creek deck,
            Tranströmer in an island of sunlight
            the day's archipelago of clouds allows:
            for this, two pairs of glasses –
            one for words to form through fog,
            the other to keep out glare:
            ship's pilot’s grandson, see us
            safely through the dark
                                                    to the darker..."
            invoke; look up in time to see
            thunder-clouds hi-jack the sun.

            Take off the glasses and on the pages,
            Guard Duty, Breathing Space July,
            Downpour Over the Interior
have vanished,
            leaving a white tip.
                                                   Five sounds –
            birds' raincoming songs; the relentless creek;
            thunder-rumble and clap; rain's percussion
            on roof, deck and trees; leaves keening on the wind.
            An overhead thunderclap navigates the channels to a distant echo,
            lightning’s flash reflects
            in a glass of water on the  white table:
            green seeps through downpour's grey threads and lulls –
            vegetable music, whispers of repossession.

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