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14x16 cm, 32 pages, 160 gsm pastel blue card cover, pale blue endpapers, hand sewn with red embroidery thread.  

ISBN 1 903090 49 0  

Written in Abruzzo, Italy, last summer in the wake of his return to L'Aquila (where he lived for two years in the early '80s) for the first time since the April 6 earthquake, Via also encodes a discreet 'homage' to the poet Andrea Zanzotto.

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 from Via:

                                    sotto l’arco dei pittori
bloccata      subito a sinistra      via cirillo      l'odore
delle macerie    fin dentro la pelle    scendere    via
rustici      a san silvestro   girate a sinistra      all’
incrocio      via del capro    le urla la puzza di gas
un intero palazzo     sbriciolato    via    miniguccio
d’ugolino    girate a destra    via    delle streghe      senti
L’Aquila      non esiste più