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Cover of Untitled Sequence by Peter Riley 13x21 cm, 16 pages, 250 gsm green Strata card cover, hand sewn with green twist. 

The cover image is from an old physics book showing a longitudinal wave.  

ISBN 1 903090 16 4  

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Click here to read an interview with Peter Riley conducted by Keith Tuma.

See below for author's note and extract.

Author's note:

A set of poems which in its first incarnation was the fifth and last section, subtitled 'Germany', of The Linear Journal, which was published by Grosseteste Review Books in 1973. Its reading implies some acquaintance with this book, to which the first poem is an explanatory link.

Written 1970 / abandoned 1972 / rewritten 1977 / a few leaks plugged 1999.

Thanks are due to Peter Robinson for drawing my attention to this work, which he published in an issue of Perfect Bound in

from Untitled Sequence: