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  14x21 cm, 16 pages, 250 gsm white Strata card cover, 
sewn with azure twist. 

Cover illustration: Dawn Chorus by Peter Hughes

ISBN 1 903090 32 6 

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Topography was first published in Samizdat, edited by Robert Archambeau, in Fall 2000, no. 6

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from Topography    

Gate of Jaffa


the bible will always be enigmatic
about it, saying only
that David took the city.

is it like Joshua at
Jericho? does he circle
the city and blow

a trumpet, a joyful noise
unto the lord that pierces
and cracks his walls of Zion?

the choice of Jerusalem
is political; it is not yet the most
holy city, not

until David brings the ark
of the covenant inside
the walls from Kireath-Jearim and Solomon

builds the Temple Mount.  still, it
is holy, as all cities used to be: building is
a sanctity, an imitation of god.


the forms were shaped––this was done
irrationally, curving the edges back
to infinity, matter in transcendence.

the arc of the curve equals
°, that is, equal to circle minus

the shells of the sea
spiral along this
curve, and flowers bloom

with petals numbered
by Fibonacci's sequence of addition:
1 2 3 5 8 13 21 and so ad infinitum

where, as the numbers
approach infinity, they approach also
the golden ratio of

1.618 etcetera to .618 etcetera.  the ratio of
the parthenon, the pyramids, Solomon's
temple, your reaching body.


as the pine needles
fall in sweeping elliptic
curves I can say this is truth.

the chill and the cracked
stone wall remind me
of New England.  my parents

taught me this kind of love by
raising me there, a place of green macintosh
and marble smooth snow, before

taking me to the heat and
heavy air of the bayous. 
up in New England

the chill was everpresent;
a Puritan sorrow hung
across lonely commons, a place full of grave

yards and Indian legends,
where the chill affects the touch
of your hand, teaches you the

hardness of the ground
and the dirt,
where the power is in stones.