Birds crushed in
car grilled
dead badgers
extinct beavers
invisible hares
vomit at edge of
another millennium
watercress ruby chard
broccoli sproutings
contaminated with 
cadmium and blood

He take out my hand
reading portents
from records of Moon
beams grub runs
on old bones
diseased with it
vegetable movement
riddled with it
in a tongue twist

Murky taste 
it firky waste drain
swindled for the
sake sack
got it? er?
went to bed on head
anuva crop out


The day I left Hereford the hedge died
a study of crying
pavement so dirty he was frightened to fall
walking-stick collapsed into 5 linked parts
from the tower and back on a bungee loop
you'd think they'd think first
boing on a back pack
dyed the hedge blue the way I heard it
describing a fried egg
if I told you once I told you
tidal burlap on the mobile drone
freeze-dried flower and a melon chest
defrosted fridge the day I left Hereford 
the mud match sighing


Hurts thumbnail now
before sketch
disciplined lives


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