When the Inspector came down
Analysis discussed G drag
rain seemed incessant that 
day pages rumpled from this 
made antique in spilt caffeine 
buzzed feet and signified
liver's need for zinc
burning out from Beacon toposcope
more than ten counties
gazpacho soup rock heart mambo    
solar winds spirallic directions one 
hemisphere to another a vertical 
smoke plume at the equator
It's hot here but where else would I
be in wealth salads on a
table organic fresh potatoes hot in olive oil
spring onion garlic then turned in gris
mayonnaise against local quick grilled 
courgettes peppers in olive with coriander 
just picked for dressing up    
electromagnetic fields soon after the Memoir 
from Coriolis the work of Faraday a narrative
burnt from Humboldt to Ranke shifts from 
organic to formal explanatory strategies
comic emplotment intact history a 
classical mimetic art holds individual 
event in its concrete 
Analyst and Inspector argue divisions
determinate scene against the matter of agents
metonymy against synecdoche the reality of   
sustainable dream a necessary bright pin
reconciles humankind each 
other beyond utopia float tank airless face stress
in social states can you imagine 
happy cattle in a field without oxeyes
it's not a funny farm snap out pull
lift on corrugated spring roll lawned
out into day scat burnet moths alright
alight after assarting and a plough in the wings
burns oil in foot stamp pushes at gate    
held by the woman girdled in snake belts
shouting "Fuck Off!  Fuck Off! "

The Inspector raises his glass to
the Analyst checks the cleanliness calls 
"Cheers" red spots in front her eyes
accustomed to dark green wings and 
the agon of sympathy for and fear of
humankind different from themselves
or loss of what they owned    
To conclude, a large rainbow circle lifts 
in all the stench of a pub-noise halo 
from their wet changeless brows.

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