Lifted thrown pinched up what
you think got when 

seemed forward around
a pegged pole in situ

Splodged cutlassed you know
the stuff it

rhubatic fummeck thick
onto router's roof run

Athen fibre screened
crogged or laced

get it off thar
git orf like I sayd

yonder hill orogesh
miles from here


Lifted thrown pinched up what
for why you do that

moronic the epigrammatic effect
the send them to the child minder

A fudge criteria stood fast on a raft race
just smart of a deep strait off Bali
almost two million years ago
and across the lake
a 37,000 year old leg bone hammer
to redivide the land

Avoided inspiration gets hard to trigonomete
Orientation in the three thousand year old 
ploughed field prevented through loss or  
ancient stones moved in a recent glacier  


Red eyes describe fever from hay wain
Somehow participates in a loss of hedgerows 
He came downroad holding arm
almost horizontally seemed to bounce a ball
and then began to push downward against pressure
and as he did this his feet started to lift from
the ground a 
few inches lifted
and held there as he held pressure down
with the end of his hand
until he gave up
and dropped immediately
feet first to the floor
seeing the pile of sketches and her colour

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