Resources include:

The Big Issue, 238, 23-29 June 1997, "Glastonbury, Should the fence come down?" 
Gillian Rudd, Managing Language in Piers Plowman, D.S. Brewer, Cambridge, 1994.
Matthew Mitchell and Mordechai Segev, "Self-trapping of incoherent white light," Nature, Vol.387, 26th June 1997.

(RED)  RED SHIFT and SHEAR (STRESS) first appeared in
Ideas on the culture dreamed of,  Spanner, 1982.

Dictyostelium discoideum is a social amoeba which in preamble to morphogenesis consists of a gathering together of widely dispersed individual cells, mediated by their periodic relaying of a chemotactic signal from a pacemaker cell.  (Discussed by Arthur T. Winfree, The Geometry of Biological Time, 1980.)

Sometimes a group of work goes by so fast you miss it in the throes and on reflection it appears to need pinning down.  This is the pinning - a group of poems connected by their deliberate differences from each other within the feckless confines of arithmetic and organisational parameters.  They lead into a fit of peak in the group called Ring Shout, which exaggerates some of the deliberate disparities and which precedes and follows groups here.  The research and practice occasion shifts from a residence and workload in Hereford with workloads in both places and journeys between them.
My visit to Toronto, Buffalo and Albany last year confirmed the location  of this work in shifts and starts, fits and foreshortenings seen at close range and at large distances almost at once.  My thanks to Charles Bernstein, Miles Champion, Nathaniel Dorward, Pierre Joris, Michael Kelleher, Karen Mac Cormack, Steve McCaffery, and Nicole Peyrafitte for the various ships to try it out.

Sojourns and Ring Shout are part of Gravity as a consequence of shape. 
Ring Shout will appear as a separate booklet.
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