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Cover of Plunge by Harriet Zinnes 14x21 cm, 24 pages, 250 gsm whiteStrata card cover, hand sewn with navy twist.  

The cover illustration, Unexpected Visitor, is by Alice Zinnes.  

ISBN 1 903090 29 6 

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See below for short biographical note and extract. 


Short Biographical Note:

from Plunge:



The lover holds the letter in the palm of his hand.
Unread it flutters as it wilts in his hand.

There are oceans to cross but the harbor is sealed.
Why not, she said, pick the shells from my hand?

Bejeweled the queen makes a tragic false start.
Her consort, resigned, plays the card in his hand.

It is bewitched, the child cries out to her nanny,
Who laughs as the parrot eats from her hand.

There are eels, a dead whale, a voice in the sand.
Will Poe kiss the unringed, quivering ghostlike hand?

The waves are high and the hawk in the air
Spreads his wings in the sky as the crow flees his hand.

She is cold in her bed and the butler with tea
Wavers once, wavers twice, spills the tea on her hand.

It is the story of the rose: How many bouquets?
The tide slaps the oozing sand. Unmanned, he slaps her hand.