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Cover of The Pillar by Mairead Byrne 13x21 cm, 16 pages, 250 gsm white Strata card cover, hand sewn binding. 

Cover illustration: Nelson's Pillar, Sackville Street drawn by G. Petrie, engraved by R. Winckles, published by Fisher & Co., 1840. 

ISBN 1903090 21 0 

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See below for biographical note and extract from poem.

Click here for the full text of The Pillar with Mairéad Byrne's reading in Real Audio.

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                    Randolph Healy at the website

Biographical Note.

Mairéad Byrne lives in Ithaca, New York, where she is a lecturer at Ithaca College and a visiting fellow at Cornell University. Her poem "The Pillar" has recently been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the Seneca Review.  New work is forthcoming in the Denver Quarterly and the Literary Review. She is the author of "The Golden Hair" (Project Arts Centre 1982), "Safe Home" (Project Arts Centre 1985), "Joyce A Clew" (Bluett & Company 1982), "Eithne Jordan" (Gandon Editions 1994), and "Michael Mulcahy" (Gandon Editions 1985). Her poems have been widely published and anthologised.