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6"x9", 128 page, perfect bound paperback

Cover painting: The Pillarfish by Michael Cullen

ISBN 1903090 38 5 See below for biographical note.

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These poems are from three unpublished books:
An Interview With Romulus And Remus, Cycling To Marino and The Pillar.
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Click here for the full text of the poem The Pillar with Mairéad Byrne's reading in Real Audio. Click here to read a review of The Pillar by Alan Sondheim.

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                    Randolph Healy at the website

Biographical Note.

MAIRÉAD BYRNE is the author of two plays, a short book on James Joyce, and two books of interviews with Irish artists. She was a journalist for eight years, in Ireland and the United States. Her poem The Pillar was published by Wild Honey Press in 2000. She earned a PhD in Theory & Cultural Studies from Purdue University in 2001, and lives with her two daughters in Providence, Rhode Island, where she teaches poetry at Rhode Island School of Design.


From An Interview with Romulus and Remus

An Interview with Romulus and Remus
Glory Days
Elegy Without Tooth or Heart
Holles Street
The New Curriculum
Public Transport
The Fish and Chip Shop
The Hidden Ireland
Céad Míle Fáilte
Olé Olé Olé Olé
The Irish Discover America
My American Dream
My Japanese Nightmare
The Native American
The Sky Is the Limit
Commercial Street
In Town

From Cycling to Marino

Cycling to Marino
In the Laboratory
Walking Past the Domestic Science Room
Early Morning, Dublin
The Doctor Makes My Neighborhood Grow Strange
Ledge, Temple Bar
Briathra Comónta sa Teanga / Common Verbs in the Language
A Typical Irish Cottage
A Salute to the Cape Verdean Community in Boston
Love Poem
Letter to the Godfather of a Friend
After Valentine's Day
Lying Awake With the Windows Open
A Boat About a Poem
sonnet to gg

From The Pillar

A Vow of Poetry
The Pillar
The Pools
Thoughts on the Olympic Sentence Team
A Moving Poem
Traveling to Erase Two Minuses from My Students' Grades at Christmas
Directions for The Dead
Sold at Christies
Ithaca Telluric
For the Ear of the Auditor