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12x18 cm, 12 pages, 250 gsm white Strata card cover, hand sewn with azure twist.  

Cover illustration by Rupert Loydell
    ISBN 1 903090 34 2

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See below for an extract from The Museum of Improvisation

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from The Museum of Improvisation


ten haibun for David Toop

‘In one sense, improvisation is simply composition
that is heard immediately rather than subsequently.’
        David Rosenboom, ‘Propositional Music’


Limit activity, step out of time and stop the clock. Add pitches to distant constellations, get rid of known shapes. Use a brush and do something with it: make paint active. We’re already at the point where the true dimensions of the project must be recognised, need to make it small enough to make it important, an internal expression like a snowstorm in one’s mind. Intersecting beams of knowledge, prepared on a tremble, have frozen me solid. It is market day come round once more.

Flaunt and flourish, show tenderness, journey on different days


It is a heavy wave that wrecks my will. I had to go somewhere, because each of us were individually getting letters asking us to perform. I didn’t want to think any further ahead; I thought I was doing something and that it was helping me, had got stuck in and tried everything. Something about a stairway is fantastic, almost vulgar; ideas like these are not at all diluted. I forced my way through the crowd and tried to explain my addiction to almost silent sounds. This new-found passion is alive and resourceful, open and eclectic; has been realized on a number of recordings. My shadow turns with me and I am gone.

Vibraphones and fingerclicks, plumes of smoke drifting into haze