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ISBN13: 978 1 903090 55 8

(c) Randolph Healy 2012.

Spiderman, an enchanted music box, the Moebius strippers, Barbequeen, Rutherford, Cantor and others get together in this latest book by Randolph Healy.

Healy's publications include 25 Poems, Rana Rana, Arbor Vitae, Ludo, Envelopes, Scales, Daylight Saving Sex, Green 532 and Rattling the Bars. He runs Wild Honey Press which is based in Ireland.

Cover illustration: octagon from a craftwork by Louise Mac Mahon

See below for an extract.

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"Well if you haven't read this yet I would say it's a treat that you're in for in my opinion. Quite difficult to describe and anyway I wouldn't want to delay you because as I say what you would be in for would be a treat and that's a fact, but if you were curious as to what type you might start out in your mind's eye with a set of lyrics by John Ashbery & then stuff em full of wit till they're bloated with it, then set em leaping and skipping on the dodgy Treadmills of Narrative Incident sourced from some fella saying he was Donald Barthelme but who probably wasn't till they're all lean again with the beads of sweat leaping up from their flexing thews like silver trout, now that's a bit flowery even for poetry. The best hex I've read all year."

from HEX


Teddy is standing
keeping as still as he can
with one arm out
on which a moth has landed
which he says he’s going to hand-feed
to one of the bats
swooping round his tent.
Beatrice is not impressed.

Have we all grown up then
surrounded by accounts
of imminent annihilation?
Marie-Louise worried about
the plants and the animals –
that nothing would be left
save silicon creatures by deep-sea vents
and MRSA in hospital rubble.

Here are some lines I crossed out.
If whales are so clever
why didn’t they invent fire?

Maybe they’re too clever.
When god created Lucifer
he cleaved a hole in his very heart
into which I must presently fall.

I don’t understand.
Not to mention
”Let there be peace,” whisper scouring streams
as hellfires descend from unstable drones.

To wrap up I could say
that something is heading in our direction.
But not with a straight face.