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Cover of Flame by Randolph Healy 13x21 cm, 28 pages, 250 gsm natural Strata card cover, 
sewn with navy blue twist. 

Cover illustration shows code for the mitochondrial DNA of E. coli. 

ISBN 1 903090 13 X 

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See below for extract.

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from Flame:

hidden inside trees
four men walking
two side posts an upper door post
in his right hand seven stars
algor  rigor
voices rarely
ascending or descending together
a movement / contraries
finding unfathomable spaces
around which grammar
shapes no shapes
punctus contra punctum
rods firing under change in intensity
constructing an edge
the straight line as curve of zero curvature
ó ghlúin
an effect of scale
having pulses
zero a simplicity
straining to catch
barely audible improvisations
escaping the gaps
between angle and try-square


man crossing the street
dark liquid
trees simulating animating
the sound his skull made
Xpos Ypos Zpos
quiescent innermost zone
outliving        the
      the                               kidneys
 brain           outliving
surrounded by dissociated
free incandescent particles
open to the living
yet the transition a shock  as
___________ disrupts response
with its own lines each with their own ends
continuity a regular disposition of gaps
the absence of mirrors
a third invisible zone
sodium orange-yellow
potassium lilac
calcium red or yellow-red
four walls
already a tree’s agitated shade
folded at ninety degrees
against its side
where he stood wiping his glasses
the permanent stain
the reflection of his own eye


copper bright green
lead livid blue
the attraction a reflex
wing motion reduced on the side struck by the light
causing it to turn towards the source
where the name applied
reverses the tonal values of the subject
thus growth
the city
founded taken recovered destroyed rebuilt incorporated
soaring in thermals
a little-known system
contiguous with
and fed by more than thirty streams
the current heating a semi-conductor
lowering its resistance
increasing the current
raising its temperature
lowering its resistance
increasing the current
raising its temperature
lowering increasing raising
lowering increasing
the Spanish word for yellow
a gilded cupola
since woven by the same chaotics as  mind
and twenty glow-worms shall our lanterns be
salsa                  lake
harp   lava
sled                     nebula
men    doeskin
having neither length nor breadth nor width