DAYLIGHT SAVING SEX                                             



a man who dreamed he was a clock saw blue

in a wasp's nest on the side of a skyscraper


not bones as a document dancer antagonist growing back to

front, head to tail, trunk to appendage, proximal to distal


ticking an archetype against the index music and yeast in

a race with no outcome a going concern fist finger five


were you aware of the precise moment of release?


the weber as the unit of magnetic flux

small abrasions as a consequence of sex


Disgust: the alaeque nasi muscle raises the upper lip pulling

the skin around the nose and causing the nostrils to dilate.


dom duit dó di

prepositional pronouns

ar an mbord


every day

my heart sinking

closer to my shoes

"what's the use?"

asked the beer-bellied youth

in the bright orange shirt

flogging me a mobile phone


I was struck

hearing Meg Bateman read, baby on hip,

to a room packed with English

- they insisting on the Gaelic

and hugely enjoying it

laughing at the odd Marks and Spencer's and so on —

struck by its uselessness



not the ní tír gan teanga

(no language no nation) drill




maternity dress            paternity suit



a micro-fountain

sex and cancer cells forever young


Though nothing is true forever. Which if true must

eventually become false. Unless the one who makes it never uses it

and the one who buys it doesn't want it and the one

who uses it never knows they're using it.



woman's work     jobs for the boys


small grey

the sad one


cool moist and shady


sell the slow

breed the fast


let them starve


After dinner the plume of smoke on the hill was as thick as a

thumb held at arm's length. Her hosts decided to show

Louise their ghost duck. They were very blasé about it.

 Suddenly the duck went berserk and they all started taking

some kind of drug to knock themselves out. But Louise's

drug wouldn't work fast enough and the duck cornered her in

a dolmen in the field next door. She said it was very

frightening at the time.


 virgin's milk       bull's blood


a clean breast           a dirty Dick


a flaw in a quiz-show thought he was a kazoo

everyone is singular the entire plane shuddered prepositor or prior


light reading snapping their spines even the smallest neighbourhood

required to diminish to one millionth of its original intensity


feeding on mice small birds lizards and insects refusing to

go forth by day to be unplugged approved or dismayed


males one season females the next


 (at the right temperature

cannibalism will be low)


they will eat paint

also dirt


vineyard milk

spanish wood


washing the walls for painting

on the eve of Genevieve's birthday

Tempestua our gale force girl

born at the equinox,

which I discussed yesterday

with the first year science class

they all eagerness, sensing perhaps

their own storms around the corner ...


" what's five to the power of three?"

"one hundred twenty five" said *****

having done powers before she was burned out of her house

and her relatives killed in front of her,

"very good" I said, moving on

ten to the power of one ten

ten to the power of two a hundred

ten to the power of eleven a hundred billion


the majority


bleat stream at mitre still

glint slight timer


metal in transition a crucible surviving




timelogged intimate



we found the volumes

of a large stone and a cork respectively


A young woman wearing a white lab coat leading an elderly

woman by the arm the pair making one very small step every

second or so. The younger woman was staring ahead

with a worn smile. Fifty independent facial actions.

Happiness: the corners of the lips drawn back and raised

obliquely by the zygomatic major muscle.


a slip of a girl      a bit of a lad


show a leg      cover your ass


red heaths end

vigils lie


beyond necessity

entities entities entities


along local eddies and currents turn left

down a gradient into a lake of loss plucked up by a bird

speaking only in keywords composed of basic biological noises

after a salt fused in the universal solvent


ssssssssssssss  sssssssssssss
ladder ladder ladder
alms from the clamour
compassing every language
ascending descending
flicking or sticking

the odour a nuisance

when large numbers die


lunar roman apple


or both roles at once

fertilising each other simultaneously


When the wind was at its height

the glass doors in the kitchen

bellied in

over and over


as soon as I heard the blast

I knew it was a bomb.

He closed the shop –a jeweller's.

All the buses stopped

so I had to walk home.

unable to take my eyes off the buildings

as if sheer looking would keep them up.

Neater guano tango.


Florence, tired, is lying naked on the floor

tearing her favourite book to pieces.


ten girls' length ten girls' strength more pleasing to the

gods than agriculture or a male with a metallic green


head separated from unstoppable emotion petals opening and shutting spring

ahead fall back throwing it all away table moon sailor


a mite on an abacus wished it was a fruitbat

white blank black oblivion either side of this bright day


fear: the inner brows raised by the inner frontalis muscle, eyes wide with

pupils dilated, jaw rotated and lips drawn back.


the females with a dark stripe through the eye


hot pants            shirt of fire


a tart with a heart  a prick of conscience


supply artificial dew


remembering the eggs will absorb water swell up and burst


they will not usually cross a copper band


writing to Guy Birchard I said

I'd sew his book with red twist

for the thread of blood running through it

and the white arms and red finery.


I went downstairs

drenched in blood

and unlocked and opened the front door

to let Louise in

still completely unconscious ...

where was I?


not liking the idea of my body

going around unattended.


Phantoms mount an

Opus to

Span a month

Tap tap a

Hasp opts to snap

Upon atoms

Maps shout stop

Amps stamp must

Not human


The wine of youth does not always clear with age

spray of citrus jetting from the rind noble rot

shrivelling concentrating intensifying both sugar and flavor

zest yeast gist


calix chalice case or envelope


collective catalytic closure

teeming with fish

kalupto to hide












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