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The cover of Daylight Saving Sex by Randolph Healy


14x14 cm, 16 pages, 250 gsm "Natural" Strata card cover with colour illustration, hand sewn with green twist.  

ISBN 1 903090 28 8  
See extract below.

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 from Daylight Saving Sex:

    a man who dreamed he was a clock saw blue
    in a wasp's nest on the side of a skyscraper

    not bones as a document dancer antagonist growing back to
    front, head to tail, trunk to appendage, proximal to distal

    ticking an archetype against the index music and yeast in
    a race with no outcome a going concern fist finger five

    were you aware of the precise moment of release?

        the weber as the unit of magnetic flux
        small abrasions as a consequence of sex

Disgust: the alaeque nasi muscle raises the upper lip pulling
the skin around the nose and causing the nostrils to dilate.

            dom duit dó di
            prepositional pronouns
            ar an mbord
            every day
            my heart sinking
            closer to my shoes
            "what's the use?"
            asked the beer-bellied youth
            in the bright orange shirt
            flogging me a mobile phone

            I was struck
            hearing Meg Bateman read, baby on hip,
            to a room packed with English
            - they insisting on the Gaelic
            and hugely enjoying it
            laughing at the odd Marks and Spencer's and so on -
            struck by its uselessness
            not the ní tír gan teanga
            (no language no nation) drill

        maternity dress                    paternity suit

  a micro-fountain
  sex and cancer cells forever young

Though nothing is true forever. Which if true must
eventually become false. Unless the one who makes it never
uses it and the one who buys it doesn’t want it and the one
that uses it never knows they're using it.

     woman's work                      jobs for the boys