These pieces have appeared, in part or in whole, in the following magazines and anthologies: La Carta de Oliver, Oasis, Notes, At the Heart of Things (Stride), Emotional Geology (ed. Rupert Loydell, Stride), and A Curious Architecture (ed. Rupert Loydell and David Miller, Stride).

          The quotation from Tertullian in ‘Dark Ground’ is derived from ‘On the Resurrection of the Flesh’ (The Writings of Tertullian, Vol. 2, tr. Peter Holmes, T. & T. Clark, 1870). ‘At the Heart of the Thicket’ incorporates a passage freely adapted from Eunapius’ Lives of the Philosophers, and an oracle attributed to Maximilla (collected in Ronald E. Heine’s The Montanist Oracles and Testimonia, Mercer University Press, 1989). ‘For Patty Waters’ includes some phrases derived from the writings of Madame Guyon.


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