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Kindle ebook

ISBN13: 978 1 903090 57 2

© Geoffrey Squires 2012

This collection brings together all the screen texts Geoffrey Squires has written in the last seven years. It includes versions from the Persian and Mediaeval Irish along with a series of more abstract poems. Geoffrey Squires' books include "Drowned Stones", " Figures", "XXI Poems", "Poem in Three Sections", "Landscapes and Silences", "Poem for Two Voices", "Littoral", "Pastoral", "Untitled II", "Untitled III" and a collected volume "Untitled and Other Poems".

Cover illustration: by R. Healy.

See below for an extract.

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from Abstract Lyrics and Other Poems 2006-2012 [Kindle Edition]

Of the ordinary 

Of the       of       of the ordinary the ordinary of the ordinary       of

the increasing       and the way 

or the long slow unfolding 

of the waiting       and the imagining       and 

and the knowing

the time passing without one being aware

of the only      and the likelihood 

of the work       of the work and the hope       or 

or the expectation 

of the woods huddling in the darkness 

of the many 

of why 

of the everyday 

of things       of reasons

of the least       the slightest 

of the clarity and the experience

how       how we 

of the progress       the small gains 

and the quickly upon

of separateness 

of the light       the sunlight

the leaning into or away 

of the sound        the sound of

or how when after 

of the 

of the suddenness 

of the cries       the days

and the shadows growing lengthening 


of the end 

and the need 

of the stillness       and the movement

from which       out of which       from out of which 

of the nature         and the limits 

of the means