Not so fast, bludfly.  A thought.  Complete in non-time:

puffs, coals.  Detach the finish from the stem of the verb.

Plant concentration under a stone.  Is it rolling

is it rolling bob.  Time lets the nouns out.  Bone.

Oh yes, structure.  This is the land.  Drain

age.  Denatured shoreline.  Smoke that purpose to defuse.

What to do to make dust float.  Don't understand

meaning in this cyclical paradise.  Casting aside the

art-set.  Though more remote, the early mud closer at hand.

Always reject.  That's not backwardism, that's not elsa triolet.

Social fact, muscular brush.  To prove a gas in other practical

ways, never crack.  Little èlechka fill the tube with seed,

then turn it a notch.  First in one direction,

then opposite.  Seepage.  Turn on head.  A brim

of fathers.  The sun's a syllable.  The spill is a hoot.

Can't see, let's go.  I make a shaky note and hold it up.

Dislocatably yours.  Page five is one without shadow.


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