We got hot past the marker in a cloud of

Being still, a "gradual" practice          to set

Open to adversity in the jet stream

Hair cream          floats thru the air

And tried to genie perfume back in

Dust.  Becoming a curved bar,

The comb, people's bodies, purses and clothes     losing teeth

Takes the sky in my face out of a tired head.

Lines adopt the refused force and     aim out.

Visualizable roads I mentally concoct

Made still and strong     by the eye

In 1st gear     wobbling past

Coming off corners, wheedling into compartments

Where two lie     buried in their answers     to

Win back somehow, territory lost somehow or other

Running around the waist

With the details of the hip.

Composed of nitrogen     oxygen and trace

A finger along

The rich topsoil all duration

The hoes meanwhile          in rakish light

Make a right turn in the chernozem

Leftly buffeting the air.  Just starting up

Purring neutrally

Pouring coffee

Juicing the memory

Of a melody carried rotting in black wax.

Timing is the key,

Schubert is in the alley

Looking for a way out     from behind the mobile comma

Of recent hair on the page nuzzling for attention.

Lines adopt the coloured cloth and

Aim out          food fills     how "good"

An omelet provides notorious gardens

Slice to reveal the darkening air

You brush away with a back of the hand :

Do your arms glow?

Why is twilight narrow :

So :

In a silver bowl,

Not far from the bed at the back of your neck.

Lace fingertips, a fresh wind blowing up dust

This model mind protects

On either side of the glass

Squeezy verbs indent, tapping at windows

Commas like glasses     wine without headlights

The apperception ("splash") to carry in the head

"Little scuffy motors"


Shalling the dirt bikes of the intellect

Thru the fog of a picture-perfect beach.

"Splash"     the scenery blisters at 70mph

Pirates grab at things

In the throes of a "rash" of reflections

Bald sky oiling the ground     the waves bending

Report to the doctor

With a stiff upper lip.  Fog

Detains the miniscule diamonds

Or, clouds evoke grey

From this perspective, providing alleys

Blocked by a fulminating X     the doctor

Takes out his flashlight.     Lamplight displays gear

Lemon wedges thriving in moonlight          speech and glue

Soaked in fog

Dipped in a disguise     of day before night

Whatever time     feathering rivulets

The bed is eating figs under the coverlet

Waves receding under the Cadillac of bays.

Striking a pose when the wind drops a phrase

The sun attacks, runs from associations

Toward abbreviations, i.e.     a glass of water, the ocean

"Dirt bikes marshalling"

My sense of duration     which is short     remains skeptical

I could sit and be jealous over distinctions

Fluffed-up seats are trained to attention

Mud hens hoist themselves up to the level, waves rotund,

A crystalline

Postcard,          the seedless eyebrow pencils

Charge with a static that binds as their heads are pressed


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