The buyers keep my hat

on structure   Woods

use skirts lost in the woods   Alone

together   Our teeth in a corner

Cornet   On my lips, the

shape of the word the   Tease,

tone   Airs knit

the pattern's freckle

Decides hangs stuffs

(Patience of the eye to load that

Them, there   Surgically


the scent of

the treetops   Did

potatoes fugue

Sum rubbing, plainly X

Earlier, liming the portrayalized jinx

Green face

Dilated beer case

two prongs poked thru the paper,

takes the ice cumber, number game

duets soloing, I

log the defect

the woods sore from rain

against the landscape

the indigence of rattling goofs up

our brains   tungsten tears   The cage

momently clogged, blunt pipe   Curved

costs, umbrella footage   A tenor

reaches for the high note

My throat is in my heart, open

mouthed   Ligature of

freshing traits   Hiding tungsten snaps

the oxygen pressure, she hasn't scienced

since yesterday's leap   Tree   Cyclops

The air is cold

We hate the radio

Leaves meanings jogger

Highlinesed map, or woman's sugar

internally stirred by

thoughts, mind shorts   Organic, edible

burners fit tin cups from speckles

throws on the salten pettles

beneath the weeds

burial circumstance

choose life

(bump and goose

chew on mustard seed, heed

what lies otherwise

the leaf of the maker in thrall

faultless no, or undertaken

behind the tree I picture

in my mind's eye

(ill nerve

flaps a heated wire


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