COLOUR IN HUYSMANS                



Time is an instrument of construction

                           no use to

Already putting the chair in a room or ocean

                             abstrusely stitched

Invention is obstinacy

                     sitting on memory's blade

Notched by unfolding an inner transparency

                               in Haikuesque tweed

Pocket giants blot out the sunlight

                          unpluck each

To pronounce the roofless distort the bird drum

                                  absent then featherlike

The dunce stool over the stairway

                          Thick as paint

Bandaging the sieve with greater capacity

                                       acid's vacuum

Setting the shape of facts to the myth of their vapour

                          the scent of the twig

The instant lined by an endless find the moment propels

                                  slowness of pace

Atoms at speed in an orange Volkswagen

                       the whole idea of an art park (or ark part)

Goods sunk in the sea with a buoy attached

                    every Bonaparte

                                dredged inattention

Each sense of the gift is banished from the total

                          bottle blond

Icing the mainsail on the little side table

                                       The nests all correct

It was the lightest lemon yellow imaginable

                              flowers of matchflame

                      Fooling safety

In method's bed?  Bilious, lurid

                                      in the tap water

Plant.  The question of a mask

                                  equally guarded

The sealed train shuttles through reference

But the mind retains the scenes by staring in front or to the side

                                       warm pages

The text appears to radiate in and out of

                                   or cloister

The wood rendering the idea as a bridge renews what floors me


As we know space, "blindfolded equally?"

                                  backgrounds rise and set

It will be fifteen feet by seven, the souffle of real

                                        in that mirror

Perpetual smoke borrows air from the library

                                     of moisture

I watch a droplet emerge from the word its implication buffers

                                      off mind

The cold petroleum stacked

                                        certain runways

Make colour weight, then flash it at me


Shaped by a videotaped intimacy

                                          repeating the stretch

A closed door waits

                              restless, linear

Spiralling shoreward

                  liquid paper

Hits return with its skull

                                            which hearing fills

The little rubber mechanism inside the


To shrink sense, read bear, delay in pattern

                                       pleasure blocks

The sentence in gear, winding the camera

                                             point and press

The questions tied to a giant work light

                                    I unshirt

That is, a boat tooth of like shape

                              not cylindrical

The verb proper contains the desire to smoke

                                        near the extractor

The Earth under stress in space

                                    ready to pop

Then reading the lips you get to wet-nurse pleasure


I pollinate blotters

                on spills



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